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About Us/Employment

What’s In a Name?
by Dan Wahlgren, founder

Table in the Wilderness
Many have asked how we got our name, Table in the Wilderness Ministries.  As we tried to narrow down the purpose of TWM, we were reminded that “Jesus came to seek and save what was lost” (Luke 19:10).  So many of us have this idea that we need to clean ourselves up before we come to Christ. We forget that his gift of salvation is a gift of grace that we cannot earn. In the New Testament the word or idea of “table” is used 56 times. It is used in reference to Jesus’ invitation to come as you are. We forget that the “blind, crippled and the poor are the ones that got to come to the banquet” (Luke 14: 15-24).

Throughout scriptures we see God use the “wilderness” in two different ways. First, it is a place of testing that is set apart.  For example,  Jesus was taken there to be tested by Satan in Mark 1:13. The wilderness makes us focus on what God has for us by removing us from our comfortable situations.  Second, we see in scripture that it is a place of provision. When we are in a place of need, GOD PROVIDES. Sometimes it is only when we are at the ends of our own resources and efforts that we see and accept the Lords provisions for us.  We had no idea what that what we were setting out to share with others, God would actually be teaching us.

We also came across a Russ Taft song that says: “there is a table in the wilderness where the blind can see and the poor possess, where the weak are strong and the weary rest, there is a table in the wilderness.” What a great reminder of God’s Great Promise. We hope despite our shortcomings and sinfulness that this message of Jesus will come through loud in clear in all that we do.