Camps & Events

    Table in the Wilderness Ministries is intentional about seeing the Gospel message reach everyone even though our primary focus for over a decade and a half has been young people.  We realize that all too often adults sort of slip through the cracks of evangelistic and discipleship outreach.  A few years back a research study showed statistically that when a husband/father comes to a saving knowledge of Christ something like 90% of the time his wife and children do too! So how can we start changing this world? One family at a time!

     Whether it is sending your kids off to camp, booking a men’s/ women’s retreat, or just spending time in God’s creation to better your fellowship with Him! Table in the Wilderness wants you as an individual and family to grow a stronger relationship with God!

     It is our heart’s desire to serve you so please contact us about any of our existing scheduled events or let us know what we can do to facilitate your next ministry event!

Table in the Wilderness Ministries est. 1995

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Phone: (307) 745-3055