TWM Facilities

The Lodge:

The upstairs of this building is available for groups to have sessions and hang out. The downstairs is the dining hall and kitchen. Groups can also hang out here to play board games, ping pong, and foosball.  



The Cabins

Our rustic cabins are nestled in the trees, surrounded by wildlife, and have breath taking views! We have four cabins total. Each cabin has two units that each have their own bathrooms. Grace Cabin has 7 bunks in both units so it can hold 28 people total. Sugarloaf, Medicine Bow, and Kennaday Cabins have 4 bunks and 1 queen bed per unit. They can each hold 18 people total per cabin. 

The Bathhouse and Apartments

The bathhouse is the oldest building on camp and it holds 1 large women's bathroom and 1 large men's bathroom. It also has 3 apartments that are used for staff lodging in the summer but the rest of the year we allow guests to stay in them. Each apartment has its own bathroom and a small kitchenette.


Table in the Wilderness Ministries est. 1995

38 Old State HWY 130, Centennial, WY 82055

Phone: (307) 745-3055