Girls Learning about the Gospel

"During Middle School Camp this summer, I had a group of nine girls in my cabin and one night we all talked about struggles we have in life right now and things that are hard to go through. Even though it was a difficult and emotional night, I was able to share the gospel to the girls and show them that God is always with us and there is always a plan for us. I noticed the girls realizing that all we need to do is trust in Him and remember that He is sovereign. Many of the girls thanked me the next morning and told me that they were going to really focus on studying the Bible this school year and focus more on Him. 

One 11-year-old girl in particular told me that she had not accepted Jesus into her heart yet but plans on doing so eventually in her life. She told me how much fun she had at kid’s camp and I prayed over her. It was not only encouraging for her but to myself as I am still growing in my faith." - Staff Member

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