Sitting around the campfire is one of the best times to get to know campers and build up relationships with them.

"God has given our family many opportunities this year to build meaningful relationships at Table In The Wilderness. From staff, to Youth Pastors & leaders, students, ski area workers and locals that we interact with on consistent basis, God has used these relationships to share the Gospel on many occasions. In one particular situation, I was able to talk with a student around a campfire. This student had no real interest in Christ and came from a very rough background. I shared my Testimony and he shared his life story. Through that time I was able to break down the Gospel and tell him how God has changed my life and the hope and joy that I have in Christ. It took the fire literally burning out and us getting too cold to be outside, for us to end our conversation and go to bed. It is amazing to see God work! We look forward to what He will do in the future, and are full of joy and wonder at what He is doing now."

-Josiah & Alicia South

“This being our third summer here at TWM, we have come to realize that we really love the relational foundation that is built with returning groups. We would even like to think that we have become friends with a lot of the leaders. It’s incredibly meaningful to be a part of “Sharing the Gospel through Building Relationships!”

- Alec and Trystan Mckillip

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