Testimonies are Powerful

"We were blessed this summer by a group of high school students from Kansas. This group came to work along side us on projects around camp. This group was extra special because they asked each of the staff to share their testimonies. I debated on how vulnerable to be while sharing my testimony. My prideful self only wanted to share the good things God had done in my life, not all the sinful things I had done. God convicted me to tell my whole testimony and be vulnerable. After sharing, a girl from the group came up to me and said she was great full that I had shared my testimony because she was going through the same things. We were able to sit down and encourage each other, share, and read scripture about God’s truth in our lives. This was so impactful for me and I was able to see God’s hand through my life. He used the hard things and the ugly things in my life to help another girl. I was also blown away at how important it is to be vulnerable. God uses that to bring us to get her to learn, while the devil wants us to feel ashamed and alone." - Summer Staff Member

Campfires are often a great time for opening up with campers and staff.

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